Why To Choose The Best Hosting Provider? Don’t Commit These Mistakes in 2017

Why do we need the Best Hosting Provider?

Wondering why it is so important to get Best Hosting Provider? Let me explain it to you in simple way. Imagine two brothers open their shops of same merchandise in two different locations in the same city. One brother opened his shop at a prime location which has well connected roads, less traffic and is probably cleanest part of the town.

Second brother wanted to save money, got stingy and opened up his shop in a downgraded part of the town where the roads are always jam-packed, full of pot holes and the shop is in a building which is rickety.

Guess which brother’s shop will attract more customers!

Similarly, your website is your shop. You need to attract customers no matter you have a blog, an e commerce website or an educational portal. It has to be easily accessible all the time, should be robust and perform seamless in order to fulfill it’s objective.

In the tryst of providing best content and engaging with the audience, people do tend to forget the important of having a good web hosting provide and selection of best hosting provider takes a backseat.

best hosting provider

In my experience, many website owners end up making a wrong choice while choosing their web hosting because they do not understand it’s value or they did not evaluate their needs properly.


What can Bad Web Hosting Do?

A bad web hosting can literally kill your website! Imagine your website suffering from intermittent downtime, slow server response or plethora of errors because the server is unable to handle the load. Getting a picture?

Choosing bad web hosting can

  • Have negative impact on your Search Engine Rankings
  • Make you waste your hard work, money and time
  • Impact your online authority

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider?

It is very important to choose a reliable web hosting company to ensure that your website is safe, robust and easy to access. Follow these guidelines and choose the best hosting provider for your website.

Understand the available options

There is plethora of options available such as Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed web hosting under various configurations for the same. Know about them, the facilities you will get along with them and resources you will be allocated. Then analyze what suits your business in the best way possible.

Excellent customer support is a non negotiable

The internet never sleeps and neither do people surfing the internet. There can be any issue on a website anytime thus you need a support which is there for you 24 X 7. Along with being available, they should be helpful too without making you go round and round in stupid policies without offering any help to you. Test the customer service’s efficiency before going for any long term plans.


Choose a host which has excellent uptime track record

Your business needs to be up 24 hours, everyday which means your website has to be up always. In order to ensure that, you need hosting that ensures atleast 99 percent uptime.

best hosting provider


Cost should not be the only criteria

As rightly said, “You get what you pay for”, you cannot afford to experience downtime for your website or risk your business for some amount of money. Your prime focus should be to get the best option suitable for your website depending on it’s purpose, features and visitors. Getting a better, reliable web hosting may cost you a bit more at present but eventually it will prove to be reliable in the long run.


As your business grows, so does the need of better resources for your website. A web hosting which is easily scalable will help your website sustain it’s performance when your business increases. “Unlimited resources” is not a real thing , go for measurable resources and opt for the best hosting provider which will support your business growth.

Good Reputation is a must

You simply cannot risk your business for anything. Buying web hosting from a company is equal to putting your business in hands of a stranger. You need to look for a reputed web hosting company which is trusted by it’s users.

Final Take : Is choosing Best Hosting Provider Over-rated?

Well, ask yourself a question. Will you let your business run by someone who is not 100% reliable, trustworthy or efficient enough?

I am sure your answer is NO! Similarly, a web hosting provider runs your business as your website is hosted on their server. It is very important, infact essential that you choose the most reliable hosting provider for your website because we cannot afford any kind of wrong-doing with our website.

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