What is Dedicated Server Hosting? Can It Help Your Website or NOT?

Dedicated Server Hosting! The name itself sounds so serious that we usually wonder what it is exactly and it’s complexities. Let me explain What is Dedicated Server Hosting and how it works.

In plain words, Dedicated server hosting can be explained as renting a whole house. You will have full control over every resource which will be dedicated to you. You will be able to utilize complete space of the house while being responsible for maintenance, add ons and management of the house.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Similarly, dedicated server refers to renting and exclusive rights over a computer which is configured as a web server, it’s add on tools and connection to the internet.

It is needed for website(s) which have high probability of huge amount of traffic and need full control of the same. The server is usually configured and maintained remotely through the hosting company.

Having a Dedicated hosting service gives you same benefit of having “In-House” server while saving costs of Hardware, internet connection, security tools and network administration expenses.

In the scenario of Dedicated Hosting, the server management is usually provided by the hosting provider as an add on service at an extra cost. In that scenario, the hosting providers will set a service level agreement with the client which will outline the services guarantee as required.

What are types of Dedicated Server Hosting?

There are various types of dedicated server hosting available which can match your hosting requirements according to which,  each dedicated server should be setup accordingly.


  1. Basic Dedicated Server Hosting: If you have outgrown from a shared or reseller or VPS hosting account then normally you require a dedicated server with your basic requirements. In this case you do not require much RAM, Hard Disk and basic Operating System installed on the dedicated server. The main aim to upgrade to dedicated server is to improve the website response time.
  2. High-end Dedicated Server Hosting: This probably is the next stage of a basic dedicated server hosting package where you may be expecting good performance of the server as you have understood that your requirements are on a rise now which is then followed by a Quad Core Configuration. However, different people have different requirements and setup of the dedicated servers as per the selection is important. In fact, at times there are many pre-requisites that a web server hosting company should take care of.
  3. Bandwidth Dedicated Server Hosting: This server is required when you need to run live Audio/video streaming website such as you-tube. You will not only need a high-specs server configuration, but also a good amount bandwidth which ranges from basic standard metered bandwidth per month to unmetered bandwidth of 100Mbps or 1Gbps Un-metered Bandwidth because the requirement of Data Transfer is high on these kind of websites and it should be able to download or upload on the server as fast as possible.
  4. Application Dedicated Server Hosting: The servers which is utilized to host Applications are known as Application Dedicated Web Servers. You can host all kinds of legal applications such as live chat software’s, Flash tutorials, Media file installations etc…
  5. Database Dedicated Server Hosting: People who run Databases such as MySQL or MS SQL on a dedicated server need Database Dedicated Server Hosting. To host database server you will require more resources and higher-end server configurations in order to completely manage dedicated servers.
  6. Server Mirroring Dedicated Server Hosting: Many people require their data mirrored to another server. This is because they do not like to lose any data at any point of time. Servers are synchronized in order to transfer data from one server to another. RAID Configurations are setup on the same theme as dedicated Server mirroring. The only main difference is that RAID mirrors / strips on Hard Disks and Server Mirroring is Server concept.

So, found any option which will suit your choice?

Dedicated Server Hosting

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

  1. You control the entire server which you use.
  2. You can allocate the server’s resources and hardware in your own way.
  3. Full access to modify the server to suit your specific needs according to websites and programs which you want to run.
  4. Guarantees a safe and efficient web space.
  5. Better availability of resources to you.
  6. Ensures that your website is more efficient.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

  1. While you get full control of the server, it also results in losing out the basic support when compared to shared hosting.
  2. You need to pay extra for managed hosting where the technical support is provided by the hosting provider.
  3. At times, it becomes complex to set up the Dedicated server and maintain it according to need.

Final Verdict : Is Dedicated Server Hosting Awesome or Awful?

Deciding whether to go for Dedicated server is very simple. If your website has probability of getting huge traffic or is running applications which are bandwidth/resource heavy and you do not want to risk the performance of your website, then Dedicated server hosting is the best option for you.

It will allow you to have full access on the server, offer you dedicated resources while keeping the performance of your website very high.

Shared hosting may seem to be a low-cost option but if you are looking for reliability, safety and full control, it may consider to be a costly mistake.

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