myTEFL Review- Online TEFL Course and Internship

In this MyTEFL review article, you’ll learn from a MyTEFL accredited educator what it’s like to take a course and get an accreditation via this firm.

Lots of people think that due to the fact that MyTEFL is budget-friendly as well as popular that it has to be a scam or that it’s not legit– which certainly isn’t the case!

In this write-up, we’re chatting with Kacie that is an English teacher living abroad in China, while working both in the class, and also as an on the internet English instructor also.

In order to get these 3 mentor settings, she needed to obtain TEFL certified. Learn more regarding her experience with MyTEFL in this extensive, honest testimonial.


What made you make a decision to get your TEFL Certification?

Educating English abroad is a fantastic opportunity to function and travel at the same time!

Nonetheless, the regulations in China (one of the highest possible paying countries for ESL teachers) have actually recently altered to need that international teachers now have some kind of ESL certification.

Lots of other countries are likewise following their result in include this need.

Some colleges will certainly help you get this when you have been worked with, but as it’s coming to be the standard currently, having it on your resume already will truly offer you a leg up over various other applicants!

There is a lot of various ESL qualification business to choose from, but fortunately exists’s something available that’s perfect for your requirements, and it doesn’t have to be costly.

There are a few various types of ESL qualification:

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) are without a doubt the most typical ones.

Depending upon which country you wish to work in or what sort of trainee you intend to educate, one may be a better fit than another, but the substantial bulk of teachers I’ve fulfilled have a TEFL.

It appears to be the most common selection, as well as it’s the one I selected when I made a decision to obtain licensed the last springtime. Less than two months after I gained my certificate with MyTEFL I was employed in a teaching setting in China!

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What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Most people do not examine English mentors specifically; the certificate is a fantastic method to have some training background.

It’s basically a simple program that you can take that brightens the basics of the English language. From there, the suggestion is you can apply what you find out to whatever work you such as.

There are a lot of various methods to obtain your TEFL. Some colleges use it as an independent certification. You can either get it as part of your studies there or as a special training course. There are unique programs that you can register for too that guarantee to teach you. Long story short, there are a lot of methods to get one.


What you need to be cautious of concerning TEFLs is that you may not need one. Not just that, there is no regulating authority for TEFL programs.

This means that you can get a TEFL, but, unlike the university level or something similar, not everyone will recognize it. Consequently, you require to pick a program that has some authority. Recognition originates from a track record, so you need to select a program/TEFL company that individuals trust funds.

Do I Need a TEFL Certificate to Teach English?

Lengthy tale short, certainly not. You can certainly find English training tasks abroad without having a TEFL. Some tasks will certainly require you to have one; however, when faced with real demand for native-speaking instructors, business is typically going to waive this “requirement”.

In some cases, it is beneficial to have one, however. A TEFL can frequently serve as a replacement for a year or more of real mentor experience when applying for tasks, even though this is entirely unjustified in my point of view.

If you are fresh out of university without any functioning experience, a TEFL is valuable however usually still not necessary. It can show possible employers as well as students that you have at the very least tried to learn to teach. In some countries, having an accreditation like this is very important.

(These often tend to be countries that value established systems and online reputations, like China.) Also here, though, you don’t have to have one just to obtain a job. You can get a good work by positioning yourself and your previous experiences appropriately.

I got my very first full-time English teaching setting with a reasonably high salary by concentrating on the English tutoring and also an online mentor that I had done before.

That was regardless of having extremely little previous mentor experience. Prior to on the internet training, I had only standard tutoring experience from college. I additionally didn’t have a TEFL– actually, my business paid around 80% of the expense of getting one.


MyTEFL: A TEFL 120-Hour Course Review

After looking at lots of different alternatives, I chose MyTEFL This resulted from a suggestion by Richelle from Adventures Around Asia. (If you’re interested in teaching in China, she has a lot of info regarding that on her blog site!) With her discount code, I obtained 35% off the 120-hour training course.

If you are thinking seriously about a TEFL, the 120-hour training course is your best option. Though it’s more expensive as well as taxing, practically every firm (online and in-person) will only identify the 120-hour program. As opposed to the shorter courses, you additionally get a lot even more info.

The MyTEFL course is organized into 8 various sections. Each of these covers a details aspect of mentor abroad, consisting of recognizing the TEFL market, lesson plans, and screening.

At the end of each section, you have a little quiz to take. As long as you get a total average of 65%, you pass! Even if you simply quickly glance at the course material, this is extremely simple. The only point you need to take note of is the moment! You obtain 90 days to finish the program; or else, you have to pay for an extension.

Advantages of MyTEFL

To its benefit, the MyTEFL program was extremely comprehensive. I actually learned a fair bit of detail about specific grammar factors, which can most definitely be tough to show.

There is absolutely nothing that is too particular to one type of trainee, so you should be able to use these things to any kind of nation as well as any level of the student.

MyTEFL basically assumes that you know nothing regarding 1) The TEFL industry and 2) Teaching in general. It goes detailed and also discusses things rather well. All the training course material is in the message (no video or audio).

This would certainly be a neutral point in itself, yet it does imply that you can conveniently make your method via the program even if you’re in a jampacked place. I really completed the whole thing at work!

There is additionally an entire collection of teaching materials! They include a mix of lesson plans and products like worksheets. In the best context, that would possibly be supremely helpful! You can most definitely include them if you need to create your very own lessons.

Just how do people register for a program?

Registering for the online programs at MyTEFL is as simple as it gets.

You will certainly just need to choose the course you want, register your name, e-mail, birthdate, address, and go into a debt or debit card to finish your enrollment.

If you have ever before shopped online, this will be a walk in the park. As soon as the payment experiences, you’re ready to start earning that qualification!

You will certainly want to see it all of this info in the system matches your key information specifically.

The certificate may be denied during the working process if it does not match 100%. After that, you will certainly have to demand as well as spend for an editioned certification with the modification.

Thanks for the MyTEFL Review!

I hope this interview with Kacie aided you to gain a better understanding of what MyTEFL needs to offer. If you’re interested in finding out more, click on this link. And, do not forget to use discount code: goat35 to obtain 35% off your MyTEFL qualification.

To learn more concerning Kacie, check out her awesome traveling as well as lifestyle site: Go Beyond The Borders.

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