How to Increase Download Speed [Year]?

Internet speed makes a huge difference in terms of workability, productivity, and efficiency! You can ask this to an avid internet user and you’ll know better.

Slow internet can cause you irritation, time-loss and eventually you end up getting frustrated like anything and the same is the case with downloading.

If you have to download a large file about some 700 to 800 MB and you are a slow downloading speed victim, then you are gone!

Although internet speed depends on a lot of your ISP and your internet plans still we can do some tweaks to speed things up.

In this guide, we will let you know how to increase download speed along with the ways on how to increase internet speed!

 We don’t guarantee a 100% increase but we do assure some improvements.

Let’s figure out how to increase speed.

How to Increase Download Speed:

We will guide you through the step-by-step process on how to speed up downloads but before that make sure to check your internet to compare the change.

Without having to know about the previous speed, we won’t be able to estimate the improvements after the tweaks we made, so checking the speed is a must.

If you don’t know how to check your internet’s speed, click here. This is one of the best internet speed checker websites.

Once you visit the website, you’ll see a ‘begin test’ button. Just click on it and you’ll be provided with the uploading and downloading speed of your internet.

If you want alternative ways to check your internet’s speed, go to google and make a search for what is my download speed and click on the search button.

You’ll get provided a long list of website which offers to check internet speed.

Now check your internet speed and jot down the result. If you sense the slow speed of your internet, head over to this guide and learn how to improve internet speed.

How to improve download speed:

By following the below steps, you can see significant growth in speed.

1. Scan Your System:

Many a time, a virus or malware can cause slow internet. So before going any further, consider scanning your system for any such security threats.

While downloading any important software of important file, such virus or malware also gets downloaded and to our inattentiveness, starts residing into our computer system.

They keep eating the system resources and cause slow internet and slow downloading. So in order to speed up the internet, make sure you take care of this point.

scan your system - How to Increase Download Speed

2. Check for the background running software:

Another important point you should be taking care of is background software. We often overlook such software and keep tolerating slow internet speed.

If your internet is working slow, don’t forget to have a look at the background programs, might be they are own and sucking down the important resources.

For instance, we often forget about the movies downloading on torrent and start complaining about the slow internet speed.

3. Speed up your browser:

Slow internet is not always due to computer or server issues. Sometimes our browser can cause this issue. We often use our browser for ages and forget to clean its history, cookies, and other stuff.

Similarly bu time, we keep on adding new extensions and plugins to the browser but never removes them even after their use. Such unnecessary garbage on the browser slowdowns its speed and we keep on blaming our internet server.

So make sure you delete all the unnecessary items from our browser for fast browsing.

Speed up your browser - How to Increase Download Speed

4. Speed up Torrent:

If your main purpose of landing on this page is to speed up downloading on torrent, that let me tell you, speeding up torrent is completely different from speeding up the internet.

If you are facing slow downloading specifically on torrent and the rest of the internet speed is fine, probably wrong torrent settings are causing this issue to you. So consider speeding us torrent downloading by tweaking some of its configurations.

You’ll get many tutorials on this in the google search.

Speed up torrent - How to Increase Download Speed

5. Avoid Wifi:

Wifi can be slower as compared to the cable. Because signals can interfere but cable connection can not1 So if possible, prefer using cables connection over wifi.

But if you are sure of using wifi and don’t feel comfortable using a cable, at least make sure no device is connected to the wifi at the time of downloading.

Most often other devices i.e smartphone gets connected to the home network while in range and your family members keep on using it regardless of your downloading.

This unwanted distribution of the wifi signals and unwanted interruption can cause you slow internet and eventually download gets slower. So make sure other devices are disconnected while downloading.

avoid wifi

6. Talk to your ISP:

If none of the above tricks work out for you, it’s time to call your internet service provider and inquire about the plans and DNS. In many cases, DNS doesn’t provide good speed, resulting in slow downloads.

Ask your ISP to tweak the DNS or if you know how to do it, go ahead and do it. Else, change your internet plan.

If yours is some cheap internet plan with slow internet speed and if you don’t mind spending some money, prefer changing your data plan and experience fast speed. Working on a fast internet is fun after all!!

talk to your isp

7. Others:

Another thing you can do is changing your modem. Many times modems can be the reason behind the slow internet. If you are using the same modem for years and have not bothered changing it, do it now.

This also might be the reason behind the slow internet and downloading speed.

Also, use download accelerators. They play a vital role in speeding up the downloading. One of the popularly used accelerators is the Internet download manager.

After applying all those tips, do compare the difference in speed and let us know via comments.

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