How To Backup iPhone To iTunes [Year] – In Details

Backup of a phone is needed and recommended these days. It allows you to recover your data quickly from any problems you might encounter over the usage of the phone.

If there is iTunes software installed on your computer, the same can be used as powerful built-in backup software to save a copy of all your important information completely and safely to your computer. By this you can restore your backup to your iPhone anytime runs into problems. So here is how to back up the iPhone to iTunes.

How to Backup From Your iPhone

How To Backup iPhone

iTunes Download:-

Download the iTunes software and install it on your computer. You can download it for free  from here

After downloading the software, open iTunes to connect your iPhone to your computer. You can connect it to your computer with the help of a USB cable.

After connecting the iPhone to software, you’ll be asked to trust the computer on your mobile screen.

Use iTunes

After prompting, if your iPhone is never connected to the computer before, it will ask you to run a quick setup. By this activity, it won’t erase anything on your phone, it will just create a name on your mobile.

By default, your iPhone automatically backup’s when it connects to iTunes. It will display at the top of the window by which you know the phone is actually backing up.

To use the software, you can use a manual backup. For this, you’ll need to select your iPhone initially. If your device is not appearing at the screen, check the troubleshooting section.

iTunes 12 – At the top of the iTunes window, a button for your phone will appear at the top. You will be able to click it after some time.

iTunes 11 – From the devices drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the iTunes window, you can select your device.

iTunes 10 – From the devices section of the left sidebar, you can select your iPhone.

In the Backups section, select the ‘This Computer’ option which will make a complete backup of your device to your computer using iTunes.

Note: This software does not back up your files, movies, music, apps, etc. This all needs to be synced again if you restore your device using the backup option and create.

Go to Backup Now to start the backup activity. This will start your backup process in your iPhone. This will back up your files and stored them in your iTunes Mobile Sync folder. This software will store the most recent backup for each of your iOS devices.

The backup process will take a few minutes to complete the activity.

The backup file that is created cannot be opened. This process can only be used to restore an iPhone. You can use a backup extractor if you want to find something in your iPhone backup files.

When you backup your iPhone, the usually caused issue on your computer is not having enough free space on your computer hard disk to store the iPhone’s backup file. Through this activity, it will back up all the images stored on the iPhone, which will use a lot of space on your computer. Before backing up the files, you need to be sure that enough free space is available on your computer.

To the most extent, the problem is that this process will keep on failing. You need to keep deleting it or move the file to a new location and keep trying the process again. This file will be saved in different locations depending on which OS you are having on your computer.

Your device is not appearing in iTunes, there may be several issues, in this case, causing it to not show up.

Open the device manager option in windows and click on the ‘Apple Mobile Device USB Driver’ which is listed in the ‘USB’C’ section. If the option is listed, try to connect your iPhone to another USB port on your computer. If the option is not listed, try to uninstall and reinstall the software.


Put your device into recovery mode before connecting the device to your computer. This will automatically force you to restore your device, but it might show up in iTunes.


Go to iTunes to open and connect your iPhone to a computer. You can connect the USB cable which comes with your iPhone. You can also reload any of your previous iPhone backup data through iTunes.

Select the iPhone to open the Summary Page.

Click the Restore Backup button which will open a new window. This allows you to select the backup which you want to use.

On your computer, if you have backed up different devices, you can select from any of the available updates. You have to pick up one option which you want to use.

The process of restoring the iPhone may take a long especially if you are restoring a large backup file.

This restoring process can be a monitor on the iPhone screen. You can monitor through a progress bar which will indicate how much of the restore activity has been completed.



In iTunes, you may experience most of the errors. The easiest and quickest way to resolve these errors is to update the latest version of iTunes regularly. Go to the ‘Help’ menu and click on ‘Check for Updates’ by which iTunes will automatically update the software. If you couldn’t find the help menu.

 Frequently reporting backup is corrupt. This will prevent your device from restoring an already stored backup but may be able to resolve this problem without creating any data loss.

 You need to quit iTunes, then open folder ‘Mobile Sync’ containing your backup files. Then copy the backup files and folders to your computer desktop. As the size will be high, this may take a few minutes to transfer. After copying the folders on your desktop, delete the folders in the backup folder.

Go to iTunes, click on the iTunes or Edit Menu there and select ‘Preferences. If you can’t find the Edit menu, click on After selecting iTunes or Edit menu, select the devices tab, select backups and then click ‘Delete Backup’.Now close iTunes and move the folders from your desktop back into the backups folder and restart iTunes. You need to try restoring your Back up again.

Now close iTunes and move the folders from your desktop back into the backups folder and restart iTunes You need to try restoring your backup again. So this is how you backup your iPhone to iTunes. You might be wondering how to do you backup your iPhone, and this is how I personally backup my iPhone.

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This was a simple tutorial on How to Backup iPhone to iTunes, this method has been personally used by me and is working perfectly fine, if you have got any questions or queries, do let us know in the comments section down below. Do check out our other article, how to enable cookies in Safari

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